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We have never met anyone who said they were happy to have bed bugs, but they were happy to get rid of them.  

The professionals at Avenge Pest Control are experts in identifying and eliminating bed bug infestations.

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If you rent an apartment, condo or similar, you should contact the rental management company first.  They often need to treat adjoining apartments at the same time and typically have a preferred service provider.  This could save you money instead of taking action on your own.


Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast with Avenge Pest Control

What Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed bugs are pretty small, which can make them hard to identify.
Adult bed bugs measure 5 millimeters in length, or just over 1/8 of an inch.
They are red in color, have an oval shape and a flat back. (Top left image)
After feeding on blood for as little as 10 minutes, their length can double in length causing them to take on a different appearance. (Lower right image)

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Bed bugs only eat one thing: blood. It can be from humans or animals.

While they can feed at any time, humans are much easier targets when they are asleep in one place for several hours, so night time is when they tend to be most active. 

When humans and animals breath, they produce carbon dioxide which is what the bed bugs use to hunt down their food source.  

So if you discover you have bed bugs in your bed and you move to the couch to sleep, your breathing will help them find you again. 

Bed bugs like dark places, so they are typically found hiding in bed frames, under sofa cushions, behind electrical wall plates and even picture frames, and trim around doors, windows and floors.
Keep Bed Bugs Away with Avenge Pest Control

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation 

Seeing the bugs. It is much easier to see adult bed bugs than bed bug infants or eggs. The adults are about as big as an apple seed when unfed, and could be twice that size after feeding.
Stains. Rust like or tar looking stains on sheets or hiding places are the result of bed bugs eliminating the remains from earlier meals.
Signs of growth. As infant bed bugs grow, they outgrow their clothing, and shed their 'skin'. Thus, small hollow bug shells can be an indicator you have bed bugs.
Bites. Bite marks on humans can help confirm a presence of bed bugs in combination with the above signs. However bite marks are their own won't necessarily mean there is a bed bug infestation because many other insects can leave bite marks on humans too.


Our multi-step process is designed to help identify and eliminate bed bugs quickly and safely.


Avenge Pest Control performs a complete bed bug inspection
If you believe you have a bed bug problem, give us a call at 405-693-2233. We'll ask you some questions over the phone to learn more about your situation and if it makes sense to dispatch a technician to perform a thorough inspection.  

The professional exterminators at Avenge Pest Control are trained to identify bed bugs and the severity of the infestation. It is critical to identify all areas affected to effectively eliminate the pests.  

In addition to a visual inspection, the technician will also ask a number of questions to help determine how bed bugs were introduced to your home and offer suggestions for preventing a reoccurrence. 


Once the technician has determined the extent of the infestation, they will be able to recommend steps for treating the problem and will provide you with upfront pricing.  

Pricing begins at $349 for a single room and increases with the number of infested areas. 

In many cases, bed bugs can be eliminated with the application of a safe, professional topical spray in all affected areas. As a precaution, 2 additional follow up treatments will be scheduled at intervals of 2 weeks. These treatments are included in the upfront pricing. 

For extreme infestations, the best course of action may require specialized heat treatment. If this is the case, the Avenge Pest Control technician will refer you to trusted partners who have the equipment to help you. 


No one every wants to have bed bugs a second time, so our follow up process is designed to get rid of bed bugs once and for all, so you can sleep at night. 

Two follow up visits are scheduled at 2 and 4 weeks after the initial treatment. The technician will re-inspect affected areas and ask you questions to help determine if you have noticed any new evidence of infestation.  

The follow up visits are included in the treatment plan pricing. 

For professional and quick bed bug treatment, you can count on Avenge Pest Control in Edmond and
Oklahoma City

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